Why do we get headaches from no social interaction?

The psychological state of loneliness has a major effect on our physical health that often goes unrecognized. More often than not people are not aware that they are lonely, or that someone else they know is lonely! Loneliness causes us to deal with a heavy level of symptoms in our physical health including chronic migraines.

If you are dealing with chronic migraines and it just doesn’t make sense, there is a good chance that you are not sick, and you don’t have any underlying health issues that could be causing migraines, it could be caused by your social life, or lack thereof. Are you getting an adequate amount of social interaction or are you dealing with spending more time alone and disconnected and not getting the social interaction that you need?

Human beings are not meant to be alone, not forever. Being alone has its positive effects on our mental and physical health when done short term. Long term though it will cause a dwindle in our overall physical and mental health. In finishing my master’s in psychology at the University of Arizona Global Campus, one of my essays involved researching studies on the effect that loneliness has not only on our physical health, but also on our mental health.


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