Current Life

Travis currently works at The Wellness Way, located in Green Bay, Wisconsin as the Technical Director, and Studio Coordinator. Travis has over 18+ years of experience working in Media and Technology. Travis has an Associates of Science in Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement, a Bachelor of Science in Media Communications, and is currently completing his Master of Psychology in June of 2023 before proceeding for a Doctorate in General Psychology in December 2023.

“My mission is to overcome the status quo of living, and supersede the expectations of the world through creative endeavors, making a difference by taking a stand, removing the expiration date on “that’s just the way it is”, helping others achieve their own passions and goals, and continuing education whether through school, seminars, mentors, or by reading a book, and exploring a world that has so much to bring and gets so little exposure to it’s truly amazing state of existence.”

Travis has always had a passion for creativity, to try new things, and take chances. At 11 years old Travis began his first business working in Web Design, Development and Graphic Design. While the business was short lived because of a lack of understanding in how a business should operate, it did not stop Travis from continuing to learn and strive to do better in the future!

In 2016 Travis pursued two career focuses and started his next business, Rogue Elephant, LLC at the same time he graduated with his Associates Degree of Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement. Travis also began to suffer from several health issues, including chronic blackout seizures that would later require a laser radiation surgery to remove an Arteriovenous Malformation within the brain.


In 2017 while unable to do a lot because of his health condition, Travis took on getting a Certificate of Media Communications, and in 2019 as his health was finally beginning to truly stabilize out, Travis earned his bachelor’s degree in media communications. Travis also started a new adventure working as a Camera/Console Operator for StarQuest Dance Competition, which included driving from Green Bay, Wisconsin to Chicago Illinois every weekend to fly out to a new state for working several days, before returning home and driving back. In Summer 2019, Travis took on the role of Technical Media Operator for the local ABC affiliated Television Network, WBAY. Travis worked at the TV station until 2021 when he became the Producer for Stand Up for The Truth, and Digital Brand Director for Q90FM Radio.

One month into his role at Q90FM Travis developed a severe case of pancreatitis which lead to his kidneys, liver, and other parts of his body shutting down. This caused Travis to have to be placed in a medically induced coma for 2 weeks so his body would have a chance to recover. After 2 weeks in the coma, and another week to be watched for stability in the hospital, Travis chose to move back home for recovery and within just the first week of being home already began to see a huge improvement in rebuilding strength, and ability to focus, and energy rebuilt.

A few months later after going home from the being in the coma, Travis had to have a partial shoulder replacement surgery performed on his left shoulder. The surgery was a success, but required additional physical therapy, and follow ups to make sure he recovered, and healed in the best way possible. After around a year of physical therapy Travis has been able to fully function, and almost back to a “normal” state of living. In summer 2022, Travis began his role as Technical Director and Studio Coordinator at The Wellness Way, working with Dr. Patrick Flynn on his show A Different Perspective.

As 2023 begins Travis has begun to step out from behind the camera, and in front of the camera to tackle the hard to discuss issues and take a stand against issues such as medical malpractice, abortion, constitutional freedom, political darkness, and more! Travis is also in the process of launching his new business that is has a two-phase focus in media entertainment, and helping veterans, as well as combatting trafficking within the United States.

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Check out Travis’s book and documentary “From Coma to Comma”! (COMING 2023!)

Last Updated: 01/01/2023