Current Life

Travis currently explores Entrepreneur ventures while employed with The Wellness Way, located in Green Bay, Wisconsin as the Technical Director, Studio Coordinator and operating as the Studio Manager. Travis has over 19+ years of experience working in Media and Technology, and has served in leadership, and counseling compacity with Youth, and Young Adults within a church setting for over the last 10 years.

In Summer of 2023 Travis completed his Masters of Arts in Psychology from the University of Arizona Global Campus, and is enrolled to begin his Doctorate for Clinical Psychology at Fielding University in Fall of 2024. Travis also has completed an Associates of Science in Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement at NWTC, as well as a Bachelors of Science in Media Communications from Full Sail University.

“It is my mission to overcome the status quo of living, and supersede the expectations of the world through creative endeavors, making a difference in taking a stand, and getting more involved in the communities, as well as removing the expiration date on the idea that, “that is just the way it is”, by helping others achieve their own passions, goals, and continuing education whether through school, seminars, mentors, or by reading a book, exploring the world that has so much to bring, and gets so little exposure as well as to do things differently!”

Travis has always had a passion for creativity, trying new things, taking chances, and just being original in everything! At 11 years old, Travis began his first business in Web Design, Development, and Graphic Design. Travis has continued to work in media as it inspires and expands his creative opportunities leading him to the opportunities to work in film, television, music, radio, and in production companies. This led to Travis starting his next business, Rogue Elephant, LLC while Travis graduated with his associate’s degree.


At this time, Travis began to realize he was suffering from several health related issues including chronic blackout seizures that would later require laser radiation surgery to eliminate an Arteriovenous Malformation in the brain.

In 2017, while Travis was unable to do a lot because of his health condition, Travis took on getting a Certificate in Media Communications, and in 2019 as his health finally became stabilized for the first time in what felt like forever, he earned his bachelors. Travis also was able to venture out in working as a Camera / Console Operator for StarQuest Dance Competition, which included driving weekly from Green Bay, WI to Chicago, IL in order to fly out for the different competitions each weekend. In the summer of 2019 when his contract was up, Travis took on the role of Technical Media Operator for the local ABC affiliated television network, WBAY. Travis was employed at the TV station until 2021 and became Producer of Stand Up for the Truth, and Digital Brand Director for Q90FM Radio.

One month into his role at Q90FM, Travis developed a severe case of Pancreatitis which led to his kidneys, liver, and other parts of his body shutting down. This caused Travis to have to be placed into a medically induced coma for 2 weeks. For his body to have a chance to recover. After 2 weeks in the coma, and another week to be watched for stability in the hospital, Travis chose to move back home for recovery and within just the first week of being home began to see a huge improvement in his health, with rebuilding strength, and ability to focus and think clearer.

A few months later after going home, Travis had to have a partial shoulder replacement surgery performed on his left shoulder. The surgery was a success but required additional physical and occupational therapy. After roughly one year of physical therapy Travis was able to fully function and have an almost back to “normal” status of living. In summer 2022, Travis began his new role at The Wellness Way, where he recently celebrated 2 years as of June 2024.

In 2023 and continuing into 2024 Travis has stepped out from behind the camera, to in front of the camera to tackle hard to discuss issues and take a stand against such issues as medical malpractice, abortion, constitutional freedom, political darkness, and the state of the world’s mental health today. Travis is also in the process of building several entrepreneurial ventures, as well as getting more involved in community outreach, personal and professional life coaching, and several other ventures that are a work in progress. Travis is also currently still working on writing his book “From Coma to Comma; – Taking Control of Your Narrative” set to be released soon! This book will dive deeper into Travis’ testimony, while educating a better understanding on how our Physical, Mental, and Spiritual health is connected, and how important the need to prioritize maintaining, and optimizing each section is to be living a healthy, successful life.

Last Updated: 06/10/2024