It is time to take INITIATIVE!

Questions very similar to this one has been asked of me a lot recently. Let’s be honest it is the one question everyone is asking everyone right now. I stated in a previous article that I believe New Year’s Resolutions are pointless. That does not mean that I do not believe that 2023 is the start to a new chapter in life!

Our lives are like an unwritten novel. For some it is a romantic comedy, for others it is a psychological thriller, while for other it is a complete fantasy driven story! Everyone has a different story, everyone has a different purpose, and everyone has a different ending!

Throughout 2022 I spent a lot of time learning. Not to say I have not learned plenty in the years before, but 2022 I was very focused on one thing in specific. I wanted to learn how others became successful. Not just in their careers, but in life whether it was their physical health and wellness, relationships, education levels, and so on. I wanted to see what the key factor was in accomplishing all of these things, and achieving all of these dreams, goals, and desires!


The one big piece of advice I heard over and over again from reading, listening, watching, and discussing the achievement of success was not that you needed to read, listen, watch or talk more. It was that you needed to take the knowledge, and connections that you have, and you need to take INITIATIVE! You need to GRIND and WORK YOUR ASS OFF in order to create the success you are seeking, that you can then build a passive foundation of operations upon to make it easier to run. Not less work, but easier!

I have spent the last decade always learning more, and learning more, and learning more. It is like somehow in my subconscious I just sort of expected the doors to open and to be shoved through into a foundation of success. NO! The truth of the matter is I need to take the next step, I need to BUILD that foundation myself! To do that I have to start doing the WORK! No one else is going to do it for me! If I want success, I need to WORK for it.

I also need to accept the PAIN and DISCOMFORT that is going to come along the way! I am not a natural salesperson! However if I am going to build and establish a successful business I am going to have to go through the discomfort, and awkwardness of selling my SHIT!

Get Comfortable with being Uncomfortable!

If there is one hard lesson, I have learned over the last several years it is that the only way to become comfortable with something is to take the initiative of walking into the discomfort and facing it head on!

Earlier today I had to make a phone call for work. I’ve needed to return this call for roughly three days now, and I was dreading every moment of it. Being very busy the last several days made it easier, and easier to push the call off. I finally took a deep breath, put my big boy pants on, and went into one of our unfinished conference rooms and made the call. It ended up being a great thirty minute conversation where not only did I address what needed to be addressed for work, but had the opportunity to coach someone through some difficulties their family was dealing with.

At the end of the call my heart rate was for sure elevated, but I was also very proud of the overall results of the call. The discomfort was still there, but I realized it really was not that bad of an experience overall. I had four minute between that call, and another meeting I had to go to. At this other meeting I had to add another phone call that I need to make for another business project along with three other calls that have already been on my to do list… tomorrow that will be my focus, going through the discomfort of all three of these calls to achieve that success we are looking for.

To achieve the success, I am looking for!

Only you control your success!

I do not care what anyone else says, the world does NOT control your level of success! If you want something, then you have to be willing to fight tooth and nail for it sometimes! It is worth it! It is worth the battle! Fight it like you are fighting to survive! (Take it from someone who has literally done that several times in their life).

So, what is 2023 to me? 2023 is the year I take initiative, and truly begin my journey to success!



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