The lies we tell ourselves, to make ourselves feel better…

January 2nd, 2023, that is the day I am writing this article. I am going to keep it simple…

New Years Resolutions are a bunch of Bullshit.

There I said it. Hate me if you must, but let’s be honest the rate in which we fail at succeeding at a New Years Resolution is so low it isn’t even worth it.

Not only that the mentality of New Year’s Resolutions is one of the worst ways to truly accomplish anything in your life.

A New Year’s Resolution says, “On January 1st, I am going to start doing something with my life!”

Really? You’re going to wait until then? Why not do it right now! Screw waiting, LIVE YOUR LIFE NOW!

Time is valuable!

It is the one investment in which you get NO RETURN! Once time is gone, it is gone for good! Now maybe you need to set a date for you to be able to start something!

For example, “I am going to start eating healthier on January 1st!” That is a good goal to set, but what you need to recognize is that you should already be working on it right away! What does eating healthier look like? What do you need to purchase, or prepare to truly be able to accomplish eating healthier?

Start doing the research, and preparation to get started NOW!

Goals are Good, Tasks are Better, Foundation is GREAT!

Throughout life it is so important for us to be able to set goals throughout our life that we want, and or need to accomplish. It is important for us to research and focus on the tasks that need to be completed to accomplish those goals.

Sadly, we tend to forget the most important part that motivates us to push through those tasks to achieve those goals, because it is not the goals alone!

It is the FOUNDATION! It is defining, and understanding the WHY?

Why do we want to accomplish these goals?

Is it to better our health?

Is it to develop a self-respect?

Is it to achieve better a better career option?

Or are we just setting these goals because it is what the rest of the world is doing so it must be the right, or cool thing to do?


Throw out all the shit that is the status quo or considered the normal way to start the New Year!

Start focusing on you!

Build your foundation of expectations, and reasoning!

Set your goals!

Define the tasks that need to be done to achieve those goals!

Kick ass and chew gum!

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